Smudge and Stones Starter Kit

Citrine Sundays


  • Smudge and Stones Starter Kit
  • Smudge and Stones Starter Kit

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It’s too easy to get caught up in daily life. Use this ritual kit to take a moment out of your day to clear your energy and bring on the good juju.


Sage - Brings in wisdom, clarity, and spiritual awareness

Palo Santo - Clears space to attract good vibes

Selenite - Removes energy blockages in the body

Amethyst - Relieves stress

Carnelian - Stimulates creativity

Shungite - Protects from negative energies

"SAGE IT UP" Matchbook

Create a ritual:

  • Light the sage or palo santo, allowing the smoke to cleanse the crystals before use and cleanse you and your space
  • Hold each crystal in your hand and set an intention and place the crystal nearby (purse/pocket, bedside, desk) to feel its’ presence when you need it
  • Every now and then, place yourself or your crystals near the selenite wand to recharge

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